Some Inspiration For Your Next Panda Tattoo

Here are some more ideas and inspiration for your next Panda Tattoo. Our list contains something for everyone from the simple and subtle to the big and bold.

Here are some more ideas and creative inspiration for your next Panda Tattoo. 

panda tattoo

Sometime back you brought you a rundown of 25 of the most popular panda tattoo designs from around the world.

This time, we’re bringing you another list with even more awesome ideas and inspiration for panda tattoos.

And remember, whatever your taste; bold, edgy, and grandiose to simple, or subtle, we have something for everyone.

More Inspiration For Your Next Panda Tattoo

1) Panda Cub In Hear Tattoo

Panda tattoo
Simple Panda Cub In Heart (Photo: tattoodo/

Minimalist panda cub resting in a heart shape.

2) Panda Cub And Butterfly

Panda tattoo
Giant Panda Cub Chasing A Butterfly (Photo:

This playful giant panda cub is chasing a butterfly around.

3) Minimalist Panda

Panda tattoo

Subtle tattoo with eye-catching but simple details.

4) Geometric Panda Tattoo

panda tattoo
Geometric Style Panda Tattoo (Photo: Blurmark/Pinterest)

Bold but non-obstructive waist tattoo.  Though the size and shape is just right that you could have it inked anywhere else you prefer.

5) Geometric Panda And Heart Body Art

Panda tattoo
Geometric Style Panda And Heart (Photo: Pinterest)

Black and white panda tattoo with just the right dash of red to make it stand out.

6) Half Sleeve 3D-Tattoo

panda tattoo
3D Half Sleeve Design (Photo:

Edgy and bold 3D half sleeve panda tattoo.

7) Tribal Mask Panda Tattoo

panda tattoo
Shoulder Tribal Tattoo (Photo: Pinterest)

Large and bold tribal mask panda tattoo with skillful details and color theme.

8) Foot Tattoo

Panda tattoo

Dainty foot tattoo showing two pandas and green vegetation.

9) Giant Panda Couple Tattoo

Panda tattoo

Two cute pandas with heart shapes and one of them is chewing bamboo.

10) Watercolor Giant Panda

panda tattoo
Watercolor Panda (Photo: Pinterest)

Splatters of different colors come together to create this beautiful panda silhouette.

11) Black And White “I love pandas”

panda tattoo
I Love Pandas (Photo: Pinterest)

We love them too!

12) No Evil Panda Tattoo

panda tattoo

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil but this time featuring pandas rather than monkeys.

13) Cocktail Drinking Panda

panda tattoo
Cocktail Drinking Panda (Photo:

Tough-looking, cocktail-drinking panda tattoo.

14) Water Color Panda Body Art

Panda tattoo
Watercolor Giant Panda (Photo Daily Paintworks/Pinterest)

Giant Panda water color beautifully and skilfully executed. Just look at those soulful eyes.

15) Upside Down Panda

panda tattoo
Panda In A Tree Branch (Photo:

This image is originally a GIF but it makes for a great tattoo idea too.

16) Garter Panda Tattoo

panda tattoo
Garter Tattoo (Photo: on Pinterest)

A trim and carefully detailed tattoo that goes all around the leg to create a garter-like look.

17) Forearm Pencil Sketch Art

panda tattoo

Forearm pencil sketch body art showing a panda and leaves.

18) Bold Panda Watercolor Tattoo

panda tattoo
Panda Watercolor (Photo: Pinterest)

Another very well done paint splatter but with pencil details for a more striking effect.

19) Space Panda Tattoo

panda tattoo
Space Panda (Photo: Ka’Lamaza/Pinterest)

Tattoo showing a panda bear in a space suit.

20) Panda On a Bamboo Path

panda tattoo
Panda In Bamboo Forest (Photo: Tattoo Blend on Pinterest)

Small but stunning tattoo showing a panda strolling down a path surrounded by bamboos.

21) Geometric Black And White Panda

panda tattoo
Geometric Panda (Photo: Pinterest)

Simple but very sharp and eye-catching forearm geometric panda art.

22) Geometric Panda And Moon

panda tattoo

Another simple but very skillfully executed and detailed tattoo with simple but sharp lines.

23) Full Sleeve Red Panda Tattoo

Panda tattoo
Red Panda Tattoo (Photo:

Bold full sleeve tattoo showing a red panda.

24) Red Panda Body Art

panda tattoo
Cheerful Red Panda (Photo: Pinterest)

This happy fellow is sure to cheer you up even on the gloomiest of days.

25) Giant Panda In A Hat And Suit

panda tattoo
Panda In A Suit And Hat (Photo:

Distinguished and pleasant looking panda in a suit and hat.


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