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25 Of The Most Popular Panda Tattoo Designs

What better way to show your loyalty to pandas than getting an awesome Panda Tattoo? 

It’s no secret that we love pandas here. And if you’re looking to show your love and loyaBaby Panda Tattoolty to these beautiful creatures, a Panda Tattoo is one way to do it.

There are two different species of pandas namely the Giant Panda and the Red Panda. Though both of these creatures are unique and interesting in their own way, the Giant Panda always ends up getting most of the attention.

Whichever you prefer, you’ll find some body ink to suit your taste. Our list ranges from small, cute pandas to more edgy in-your-face ones for both men and women.

Whether you want it on your back, waist, arm or leg, don’t pick one yet till you’ve had a look at our list of the 25 most popular panda tattoos.

25 Of The Most Popular Panda Tattoo Designs.

1) Watercolor Panda Tattoo.

Watercolor Panda Tattoo
Watercolor Panda Tattoo. (Courtesy: Prestige Tattoos by Steve Baker, Guelph Ontario)

Panda Tattoo done with watercolor. The other colors contrast beautifully with the black-and-white panda.

2) Playful Panda.

Playful Panda Tattoo
Playful Panda Tattoo. (Photo: Inez Janiak on Pinterest)

All is right in the world for this playful juvenile panda.

3) Negative Space Panda Tattoo.

Negative Space Panda Tattoo
Negative Space Panda Tattoo (Courtesy: Fatih Odabas on Pinterest)

This Negative Space Panda Tattoo will stand out anywhere you decide to place it on your body. In particular, we like the plants and twinkling star details on this bear.

4) Geeky Baby Panda.

Geeky Panda Tattoo
Geeky Baby Panda With Huge Glasses (Author: Trendiefy on Pinterest)

This cute elbow tattoo shows a Geeky Baby Panda with huge glasses.

5) Baby Panda Body Art.

Baby Panda Tattoo
Baby Panda Tattoo (Courtesy: Tattoo Blend on Pinterest)

This has got to be the cutest panda cub tattoo ever. Seriously!

6) Geometric Cosmic Panda Tattoo.

Geometric Cosmic Panda Tattoo
Geometric Cosmic Panda (Coutesy:

Imagine showing off this tattoo in a low-back top or dress. Or even better at the pool side or beach.

7) Bejeweled Panda.

Foot Panda Tattoo
Bejeweled Panda Tattoo (Courtesy:

This dainty foot Bejeweled Panda oozes class and style. Great for those summer days when all you want to wear are thin-strapped flip flops and sandals.

8) Geometric Space Panda.


Cosmic Panda Tattoo
Geometric space panda by Kaitlin Dutoit  (Courtesy: Tattoo Blend on Pinterest)

As humans, we’ll never get over our fascination with space. Capture a fraction of that mystery for yourself with this simple but edgy tattoo.

9) Bamboo And Panda Tattoo.

Bamboo And Panda Tattoo
Bamboo And Panda Tattoo (Courtesy:

You know you can’t separate a giant panda from its bamboo right? Well, this panda is telling you to stay away from its stash.

10) Half Sleeve Panda And Rose Tattoo.

Half Sleeve Panda Tattoo
Realistic Half Sleeve Tattoo by Micle Andersson (Courtesy:

Beautiful and realistic half sleeve panda tattoo with a lovely pink rose.

11) Red Panda Tattoo.

Vivid Red Panda Tattoo
Red Panda Tattoo (Courtesy: Stephanie Brown at Butterfat Studios, Chicago IL)

Vivid and beautifully colored Red Panda tattoo.

12) Bear-Panda-Wolf Tattoo.

Bear-Panda-Wolf Tattoo
Bear-Panda-Wolf Tattoo (Courtesy:

Some of our favorite animals all in one place. And who says you have to pick just one?

13) Mouth Open Panda.

Mouth Open Panda Tattoo
Mouth Open Panda Tattoo (Courtesy:

Simple but eye-catching Panda and flower tattoo.

14) Ornate Panda Tattoo.


Panda tattoo
Cute Panda Tattoo (Courtesy @yershova_anna on

Cute ornate panda body art.

15) Panda & Plum Blossom Hip Tattoo

Panda Plum Blossom Tattoo
Panda & Plum Blossom Hip Tattoo (Courtesy:

Cool and bold Panda & Plum Blossom Hip tattoo for the ladies.

16) Panda Attack Art.

Angry Panda Tattoo
Panda Attack (Courtesy: art tattoo ink on Instagram)

Pandas may look cute and cuddly, but remember that they are bears!

Don’t ever upset one.

17) Feeding Panda Art.

Panda Eating Bamboo Tattoo
Feeding Panda Art (Courtesy:

18) Dancing Kung Fu Panda.

Dancing Kung Fu Panda Tattoo
Dancing Kung Fu Panda (Courtesy: TobiasTattoo)

Of course our list wouldn’t be complete without Kung Fu Panda making an awesome appearance.

19) Red Panda Fist Tattoo.

Cool Red Panda Fist Tattoo (Courtesy:

Another red panda tattoo with interesting detailing.

20) Dotted Panda Design.

Dotted Panda Tattoo
Dotted Panda Design (Courtesy: Find Tattoo

Some men would shy away from anything that has a hint of flowers in it. However, this skilfully done dotted tattoo can be worn by females and males as well.

21) Realistic Black And White Red Panda Art.

Realistic Red Panda Tattoo
Realistic Black And White Red Panda Art.

Ah, don’t you just want to reach out and touch this cutie? But, watch out for the teeth though.

22) Panda And Flowers Full Tattoo.

Panda And Flower Tattoo
Panda And Flower Full Tattoo (Courtesy:

Bold tattoo for women.

23) Panda And Skull Tattoo.

Men Forearm Panda Tattoo
Panda And Skull Tattoo (Courtesy:

Neo-traditional panda and skull necklace forearm tattoo for men.

24) Mosaic Panda.

Mosaic Panda Tattoo
Mosaic Panda Art (Courtesy @CoenMitchell on

Painstakingly executed and well-detailed panda art work.

25) Roaring Panda Chest Tattoo.


Roaring Panda Tattoo
Roaring Panda Chest Tattoo (Courtesy:

Last, but not the least, is this men’s watercolor paint splatter art showing a roaring panda.

So, which of all these tattoos is your favorite?



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