A Giant Panda

Is The Giant Panda Now Safe From Extinction?

Is the giant panda now safe from extinction? Let’s find out.

A Giant Panda
The Conservation Status Of The Giant Panda Has Improved From Endangered To Vulnerable

It’s a good and welcoming report for one of the Earth’s most endangered wildlife: the giant panda.

The giant panda moved down the ladder from the most endangered species to vulnerable, and this shows the power of combined efforts in rescuing some of the world’s defenseless heritage.

According to the International Union for Conversation of Nature (IUCN), there is a positive difference in the status of the big giant.

Specifically, from all indications, there is a 17 percent increase in population since 2014 when a worldwide census discovered just 1,864 giant pandas in China.

The giant panda retains its pride of place for over 50 years now as the world’s most beloved conservation figure. Also, it’s on the official logo of the WWF (World Wildlife Fund).

 This slow but steady recovery shows that with science, government’s will, and public support, we can rescue wildlife and improve tourism.

Efforts To Save The Giant Panda.

In 1991, Sir Peter Scott designed a WWF logo and became the organization’s founding chairperson. The organization became among the first to work in China. Since then, WWF has worked continuously together with governments on programs to rescue giant pandas together with their territories.

This includes establishing good relationships with neighboring communities. The aim is to come up with sustainable living practices and reduce their clashes with this animal on habitat occupation.

As a result, these efforts helped the total number of panda habitats to increase to 67, which now protect almost two of a third of the major wild pandas. In addition, these efforts have also helped protect a large number of bamboo habitats, which shelter many other animal species.

What Does The Future Of The Giant Panda Look Like?

Despite the giant panda’s status improving, other species are still ranked under high threat. Among these species is the Eastern gorilla which is currently listed among the most endangered species. Hence, it’s just a stride away from extinction due to poaching.

However, despite the cheering news, the future of giant pandas is unknown, and cannot be guaranteed. China is addressing this issue with current wildlife organizations, though its own current panda specialists are not sure if they have made enough strides to benefit reclassification.

We also expect that nearly a third part of the bamboo forest available for the giant panda may vanish due to climate change.

Many people argue that spending so much money and effort on just one species is not worth it. However, we would be doing future generations a great disservice if we let the giant panda die off.

Let’s be just to the animals we share the planet with and our unborn generations ahead as well.



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