Compilation Of 5 Viral Giant Panda Videos

The Giant Panda is such popular creature that everything about it makes news. This compilation of viral giant panda videos show why they are so popular.
Giant Panda cub at 7 months: Viral Giant Panda Videos
Giant Panda Cub. (Author: Sheilalau/Wikimedia Commons)

These viral Giant Panda Videos show why pandas are such a ‘hot item.’ 

Whether they are playing, eating, getting up to some mischief or even sleeping: people can’t seem to get enough of watching Giant Pandas especially the cubs.

These animals remain a symbol of national pride in China. In addition, their cuddly appearance guarantees that they tend to get all the attention wherever they live elsewhere around the world.

Below are 5 viral giant panda videos. Watch them and you’ll see why they are such a sensation.

5 Viral Giant Panda Videos.

5) Panda Cubs Won’t Let Their Den Cleaner Work.

Uploaded on May 15, 2016 by CCTV News China

This video shows some of the daily antics that panda cubs get up to at the breeding base in the Sichuan Reserve. The amusing cubs won’t leave the baskets and leaves alone as the staff tries to clean their den. These cute “troublemakers” have gone on to accumulate many online fans.

4) This Panda Keeps Clinging To A Zookeeper’s Legs.

Uploaded on Feb 28, 2017

This caregiver at the Wolong National Nature Reserve, has to muster all his resolve to avoid giving in and playing with the panda bear in this video. The man hands bamboo to the giant panda but it appears more interested in human legs instead.

Though the floor is littered with bamboo (a panda’s favorite thing in the whole world), the cub just wants to cling and play with the man.

Eventually, the keeper rewards the bear’s tireless efforts and ends up giving him a quick tickle before making a run for the door.

Of course panda cubs don’t realize we humans have to work for a living.

3) A Baby Panda Meets Its Mom For First Time.

Uploaded by G4ViralVideos on Aug 16, 2013

Getting pandas to breed is a seriously uphill task but the work doesn’t end there. In fact, caring for newborn cubs is a very sensitive and delicate task. Moreover, cubs of this species are highly susceptible to disease and could be smothered by their much larger mothers.

This viral giant panda video from the Taipei Zoo shows the first time a one-month old cub meets its mother.

2) Giant Panda Wrestles With Snowman At The Toronto Zoo.

Uploaded by TIME on Dec 21, 2016

This panda bear named Da Mao is resident at the Toronto Zoo, Canada. The staff built him a snowman which he was caught on ‘Giant Panda Cam’ demolishing.

This viral giant panda video racked up millions of views and remains one of the most popular clips ever – to date.

1) Viral Giant Panda Video Of Sneezing Cub.

All is peaceful and calm. The mother panda is enjoying a tasty snack as usual while her cub sleeps near her. But watch what happens when the cub sneezes!

The hilarious video clip coupled with the look of shock on the mother’s face made this one an instant online hit. As a matter of fact, it’s been viewed 40 million times and it generated several parodies.

There are currently fewer than 2,000 of these animals left in the wild though their numbers are slowly increasing.


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