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Best Panda Movies for Kids

You don’t have to be a kid in order to enjoy good panda movies. If you just want to learn more about pandas or enjoy a good chuckle, these movies are for you. Below is a list of the best panda inspired movies that are worth watching.

Kung Fu Panda

This 2008 movie tells a story of a panda named Po who dreams of one day becoming a kung fu master. One day, his dream came true and he joins the Furious Five—Crane, Tigress, Monkey, Mantis and Viper. With a lot of training and determination, he was able to become a hero, while still being his true self. The best part about this panda movie is that there are three of them. A fourth movie has been speculated but no details on the release date has been confirmed.

Trail of the Panda

In this 2011 Disney movie, a 10 year old orphan boy, Lu, found a panda cub. He names the cub Pang Pang and decides to help the panda find its home. While Lu and Pang Pang have their adventure, the poachers follow them. This movie is sure to make your child want to be a hero and have a panda of its own.

Turning Red

The latest in panda movies is Turning Red. Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures did an incredible job telling the story of a 13 year old girl named Meilin Lee. One night Meilin has a dream and wakes up as a red panda. Later she finds out that every woman in the Lee family turns into a red panda after they come of age. She will have to wait for the next Red Moon in order for a ceremony to be done to remove the panda within her. In the meantime, she is a teenager who has three best friends. Whether you have a pre-teen in your home or want to laugh, this movie is for you.

The Amazing Panda Adventure

If you want to reminisce or show your kids a panda movie from your own childhood, this is a great option. In this movie, a ten year old boy Ryan travels to China to visit his father. His father lives on a reserve and works with pandas. After two poachers steal a panda cub, Ryan is on a mission to rescue it and reunite it back with its mother.

Born in China

In this Disneynature movie, we follow three main stories. One of them is a panda family. In this adorable movie, we get to see playful pandas in their natural habitat. Is there anything more adorable then a cub rolling down the hill on purpose? Young and old alike will remember this nature feel-good nature movie.

These are just a few of the best panda movies you and your family will love. Whether you want a cartoon or a documentary, you can easily find great panda content to watch. What’s your favorite panda inspired movie?

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