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Despite having the potential to be as fierce as other bears, Giant Pandas spend most of their day eating bamboo and sleeping. Why?

Giant Pandas spend most of their day chewing bamboo

We all love Pandas. They look like huge teddy bears with lots of fur, sad black eyes, and a weird lifestyle. But many would be amazed to know that they are of the same lineage as the more ferocious bears that easily hunt and prey on meat.

Even then, giant pandas are built as carnivores and they have the dentition and strength to prey

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They may look cute and cuddly but the following stories of giant panda attacks call for caution.

A Panda Chewing Bamboo. Panda attacks show how fearful their bite is

The Giant Panda Is Undeniably Cute But It Packs A Fearful Bite.

When most people think of the giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca), what comes to mind is a chubby, gentle, huggable, and absolutely cute creature. They assume these are docile, lumbering creatures with a funny habit of sneezing.

That’s not completely untrue: they are cute and chubby, and they sneeze a lot. But gentle and huggable, maybe not so much.

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