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It took some time to properly classify the panda as a bear. But even then, there are still some differences between Giant Pandas and other bears.

Brown bear in winter: differences between giant pandas and other bears

A Brown Bear.

Humans have a particularly interesting trait, we really like to classify things neatly and avoid confusion.

But if there’s one creature that caused some confusion for a while, it’s the Giant Panda. This creature shares similarities with two distinct group of animals; the bears and the raccoon.

In fact, at the earlier stage when researchers studied the panda, they placed it in the same family as bears. Later on, another scientist, a Frenchman named Alphonse Milne-Edwards, studied the

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Despite having the potential to be as fierce as other bears, Giant Pandas spend most of their day eating bamboo and sleeping. Why?

Giant Pandas spend most of their day chewing bamboo

We all love Pandas. They look like huge teddy bears with lots of fur, sad black eyes, and a weird lifestyle. But many would be amazed to know that they are of the same lineage as the more ferocious bears that easily hunt and prey on meat.

Even then, giant pandas are built as carnivores and they have the dentition and strength to prey

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A brief look at the history of the giant panda and how it became so popular worldwide.

Giant Pandas chewing bamboo

Giant Pandas Chewing Bamboo (Author: Chi King cc. 2.0)

The giant panda, or ‘black and white cat-foot’ (going by its scientific name Ailuropoda melanoleuca), is a well-known animal worldwide. In fact, there are few other animals alive today that generate as much attention or command as much care as this mammal does.

But why is that so?

After all, it doesn’t seem to do much and spends most of its day and a chunk of its lifetime collecting and chewing bamboo.

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